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Episode 6: Carl Barnhill
Episode 5 - Scott & Vanessa Martingdale

Episode 5 - Scott & Vanessa Martingdale

February 25, 2020
Blended Kingdom Families
You guys are going to love Scott and Vanessa!  What a wonderful couple, passionate about helping blended families unite and find peace in the home.
With a heart for the family in general, Scott and Vanessa take us on a journey of how they met and started this beautiful ministry in their local church that is now spreading nationwide.
Episode 4 - Ray Hall

Episode 4 - Ray Hall

February 18, 2020
Prison Book Project
Ray Hall is the founder of Prison Book Project, a ministry designed to bring literature into the hands of those incarcerated.   I hope you love my interview with Ray, who is passionate about helping those who feel helpless behind prison walls.
Operating in all 50 states, Ray continues to have a burning passion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those imprisoned.  
He's literally being obedient to the Scriptures as recorded in Matthew 25:36, "...I was in prison and you visited me."
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